Can I Opt-Out Of A Mastermind To Avoid Losing My Ticket?


Student must choose the Mastermind location they would like to attend at the time of purchase. This allows us to ensure the best prices for our events and to help keep costs down for everyone. Student must attend the Mastermind event within 18 months of the date of purchase. In the event Student is unable to attend the event live during that time period, MOBE may in its discretion give Student the training by providing access to recordings, DVDs, or online access to the event training materials.

If Student cancels or transfers any Event, the following cancellation or transfer fees will apply and be due when the request is made: 30+ days prior to the event U.S.$500.00; 29-16 days prior to the event 50% of the full hotel charges; 15-1 day prior to the event 100% of the hotel costs. Any cancellation or transfer requests later than the day before the event starts will be considered a No Show according to the terms of Section 12.

Also, Student must register for the event they choose to attend once the registration page for that event becomes available (typically 90 days before the event is due to begin). 

Important event updates will be emailed to the Student in advance (such as when registration is open) and will also be shared in the appropriate private Facebook group for each positioning level.

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