How are commissions tracked and when are they posted to my back office?

Once a prospect clicks on ANY of your consultant links, you will get credit for any purchases they make on ANY of our products.

We use two-layers to ensure the most accurate commission tracking possible. All commissions are tracked and posted in real time.

Every time a prospect clicks on your link a cookie is set to track back to you. Also if a cookie is not present when they purchase, the sale will be tracked using the customer’s email address. So to ensure you get credit for the sale it is important that the prospect fills out the form on your capture page first.

Cookies are kept for a period of six months. After that time the cookie expires. But if one of your prospects purchases after that time frame and hasn’t clicked on another consultant link, you will get credit as the system will track via the prospects email address.

If the tracking cookie was deleted or not in place, the system searches by the prospect’s email address. If an email address is not matched, the system continues to search by the prospect’s first and last name to make sure the proper consultant is given credit for the sale.

Ideally commissions should post to your back office immediately once the sale has become final. There may be a little delay in posting but shouldn’t take but a few minutes.

Please also see “When and how are commissions paid” section for more information on how much we pay and when.

Note: consultant commissions and product pricing may change from time to time during testing. These price tests are for your benefit to maximize the amount of sales that you make.

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