A lead purchased a product, but I didn’t get credit for it. Why not?

There are several reasons you may not get a commission that you are expecting: Credit is given to the affiliate with the most recent contact. This is also referred to as a “last contact” policy which is standard practice for the affiliate industry.

Example: A prospect clicked on “Bob’s” affiliate link last month, but never made a purchase. Then the prospect clicks on your affiliate link yesterday and makes a purchase today. Because you had last contact, you would get credit for the sale instead of Bob. We do track via email as well as cookies. If a customer uses a different email address than what they used to sign up, you may not get credit. We are constantly monitoring and doing the best we can to make sure that everyone gets credit where credit is due. But in some cases a different affiliate may get credit due to clicking on different links than yours.

The customer’s credit card may have been declined. If they purchased a product like Traffic Formula on the payment plan, credit is given each month upon each successful billing. If their card is lost or declined, you may not receive credit until we can get a new billing method from them.

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