What Fees Are Associated With Becoming An Affiliate?

As of May 2015, MOBE has introduced a monthly affiliate fee for all members who wish to participate in the affiliate program. The fee is $19.95 per month, and covers the back office functionality, reporting, affiliate tools, and hosting. It will not be commissionable. 

If you wish to remain as a MOBE client of our products, services, and live events only and not participate in the MOBE affiliate program, then this fee would not apply to you.

This paid affiliate program will replace the current one now offered at:

Now, you may be wondering how this affects you if you were already a MOBE affiliate before May 15th. Will you need to pay the monthly affiliate fee of $19.95?

The answer is no - you’ll have the option.

People who enrolled before May 15th will have an option if they want to enroll in the new paid affiliate program.

If they do, they’ll get access to all the new affiliate resources that will be introduced in the future (these were not included in the original MLR, Titanium, or Platinum programs they got).

This includes

- dozens of new front-end trip wire offers we are working on currently (here’s an example of a new $7 we are close to releasing: - this will then introduce people to MTTB, and is already showing a lot of promise)

- access to the marketing system we build this year which will include the ability to easily create lead capture pages and blogs (which are automatically built into our tracking program - no other lead page system can do this)

- the ability to promote all offers that are added on MOBE Marketplace (of which there will be thousands in the not too distant future - and many of these will then funnel in the buyer leads to the events and masterminds)

If you’ve been in MOBE for some time, then you will know that I never stop producing new marketing assets for our affiliates to use.

So those who take part in the affiliate fee can expect and look forward to a lot more tools and resources to help them make sales in the future.

For those who do NOT want to enroll in the monthly affiliate fee:

They’ll still continue to get the exact same affiliate marketing resources they have now (so nothing will change).

Now of course, if I update the actual courses themselves (e.g. MLR, Titanium, Platinum), I will make sure that past customers get access to the newer versions of the program (even if they are not paying the monthly affiliate fee), because the course content is separate from the affiliate program.

This way, those opposed to the change in the affiliate program will remain with the original program they got with no monthly affiliate fee.

Those who are open to the monthly affiliate fee change will also participate in the many positive future changes in the affiliate programs.

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