I can’t see the videos, what should I do?

Sometimes video delivery can be solved by trying the following:

Do you have a personal firewall? Are you behind a firewall at an office?

Try viewing in another browser. Some of our customers have had problems with Internet Explorer and have been able to view in Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

Try clearing your browser’s cache. See’s-Cache.

Try uninstalling and then re-installing the Flash Plugin. Visit to run the uninstall and to get the new player. After these are done, restart your computer and re-visit

It could be because you’re using up too much of your “bandwidth.” In non-geek speak, “bandwidth” is how much room you have on your internet connection to view videos, images and text. For example, if you’re trying to watch a video and download something at the same time, your video may slow down or even stop loading altogether. Also, if you’re on a computer network (even a home network) and someone else on the network is downloading or watching videos, it very well could affect your video download.

Here are additional tips:

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed:

Also Quicktime can be a good thing to stay current on:

Firefox works better than IE for most videos (my experience) -
download and install it:

It also has an add-on that can help with big files:

And if you let videos "preload" first they'll run more smoothly.
You can do this by clicking play -> then pause -> let it load -> then play.

If you are still having trouble after trying these solutions, please give us the specific link you went to as well as which video you are referring to and we can look into it further.

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